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--Ref QH302.5 .I534  Dictionary of Biology
--Ref QH305.2 .M382 McGraw-Hill dictionary of bioscience
--Ref Q121 .M3 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia...Science & Tech
--Ref R733.N38 Ency complementary & alternative medicine

--Ref RA1213.T76 Toxics A-Z
--Ref RM216.N875 Nutrition...Prevention & Treatment
--Ref RM258.5.N88 Nutraceuticals
--Ref  RS75 .P5  Physicians' Desk Ref : PDR Drugs 
--Ref SB951.W396 Agrochemical & Pesticide Safety Handbook
--Ref TX349.E482 Encyclopedia of Foods


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Recommended Websites
--AI Topics
Amer Assn. of Artificial Intelligence
--Algebra in Simplest Terms Sol Garfunkel video ser
--Am Mus of Nat Hist Digital Special Collections
--AMSER: Applied Math & Science Ed Repository
--Astronomy Online by R.L. Murphy
--Audubon's Birds of Amer UPittsburgh
--Becoming Human Inst of Human Origins ASU
--BEN (BioSciEdNet) AAAS portal / edu resources
--Biodiversity Heritage Library US & UK Botanical & Nat Hist
--The Cell: Image Library ASCB
--Charles Darwin's Papers Online, ed. by John van Wyhe
--Convention on Biological Diversity Cartagena / Nagoya Protocol
--Cosmic Evolution  
Eric Chaisson, Harvard U
Darwin Digital Lib Evolution Amer Mus Nat Hist
--eFunda  Commercial site: engineering fundamentals sources
--eNature: Field Guides  Identify birds, animals, insects...
--Engineering Pathway  UCO, Boulder/ UC Berkeley  Amer. Geophysical Union
--eSkeletons Project UT Austin
--Evolution Resources from the National Academies
--Exploring Life's Origins Boston Mus of Sci/ NSF
--Exploring the Nanoworld MRSEC UW Madison
--Finding Our Place in the Cosmos LC Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan Archive
Geo Guide
G G & M -Goettingen SU & Freberg U
--Geolex USGS Natl Geologic Lexicon DB
--Global Change Master Directory  NASA
--Global Climate Change NASA

--Hands on CERN Geneva Largest particle  accel.
--HippoCampus  Math, Sci, Soc Sci & Relig multimedia resources
--Historical Sea Ice Atlas  Climate Change Ind.
--HubbleSite Space Telescope Science Institute
--iBioSeminars Am Soc for Cell Biol, H Hughes Med Inst, & UCA,SF
--Kepler: Search for Habitable Planets (NASA Ames Res Ctr)
--Learn.Genetics U UT Genetic Sci Learning Ctr TempleU/ Bucks Sch Dist PA
--Longevity Recs: Planck Inst.Lifespan mammals...
--MESSENGER MErcury Surface, Space ENv, Geochem  & Ranging
--MetEd Coop COMET Meteorology
--MicrobeWorld Amer Soc for Microbiology
--NASA Hurricane Resource
--NASA Images
--NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Cal Tech
--NASA Science Science Mission Directorate, NASA
NCBI  Nat Ctr for Biotech Info Genetic sequencing
--National Climatic Data Ctr
--NOAA National Weather Service Hurricane Center
--NOAA Tsunami 
--NOVA's Physics Blog
NSDL National Science Digital Library
--National Snow & Ice Data Ctr UofCo
NWISWeb Natl Water Info System US Geol Survey
--Native Plant Information Network
UTX Austin
--Nature Online Video Streaming Archive streaming video

--Nature Milestones from Nature Pub Group
 Ctr / Cognitive Neuroscience UPA/ Farah

--Ocean World Jason Proj. -TX A&M/ NASA Jet Propulsion
--Official String Theory Website
P. Schwarz Cal Tech
--Physics to Go American Physical Society Am Physiological Soc
--Physics Education American Institute of Physics

--Primate Info Net Nat Primate Res UW Madison
--ScienceNOW: Latest News Headlines / Scientific deep-web search engine
--Scitable Nature Pub. Group Biology & Genetics
--SciTechConnect US Dept of Energy
--SciTechDaily current events in science
--Scitopia sources in math, physics, engineering & geosciences
--SIMBAD astronomical DB
--Sloan Career Cornerstone Ctr STEM career resources

--Sloan Digital Sky Survey Sky map Apache Pt. Observatory NM
--Society of American Foresters
--SOCR Statistical Online Computer Resource UCLA

--Species 2000 Catalogue of Life
species data bank
--Stem Cell Information
National Inst of Health
--Stem Cell
BioSci  Netwk web-based ed materials
--This Dynamic Planet
US Geological Survey
--Unseen Life on Earth - Microbiology Annenberg
--USDA Animal & Plant health Inspection
--US Forest Service
--USGS Tsunamis & Earthquakes
--Virtual Lib of Botany/Plant Biol
S Russell UOk
Visible Earth NASA images & planet animations
--VisionLearning NSF STEM disciplines for teachers & students
--What is Biotechnology? Lara Marks, Kings College, London, UK
--Why Files UW Madison Sci behind the headlines

GIS world ecoregions wildlife search
--Worldwatch Inst. Climate change, population growth
Library of Congress Locations:
These titles or books near them on the shelf may help you get started on your research:
BF341.S74 DNA & destiny: nature & nurture  - Steen
BF701.M32 Birth of the mind:...human thought
QH359.E926 Evolution: facts and fallacies
QH431.P34 Politics of heredity... nature-nurture debate
QH437.D47 Welcome to the genome
QH441.2.M664 Digital code of life: how bioinformatics
QH588.S83 S35 Stem cell now - Scott
QM101.K44 The skeletal system - Kelly
QR41.2 .H463 Microbiology in action
R723.S223 Biomedicine & the human condition
R726.5 .T488 Placebo effect & health - Thompson
R733 .A527 Balanced healing:...alternative therapies Altshuler
RA418.3 .U6 B34 Biomedicine & alternative healing
RB155.R42 Is it in your genes: ...genes on common disorders
RC49.M345  When the body says no...stress-disease
RC271.A62 B655 Natural compounds in cancer therapy
TP248.F66 F43 Mendel in the kitchen - Fedoroff