History of
World Civilizations

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Reference Sources:

--Ref CE11.B58 Oxford companion to the year
--Ref D9.K63 Dictionary of historic documents
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--Ebk Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World


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--CB History of Civilization
--D  World history
--D204   Modern history
--D501-680  WWI
--D731-838  WWII
--D901-1075 Europe
--DA Great Britain
--DC France
--DD Germany
--DE-DG  Mediter-ranean, Greece, Italy
--DJK Eastern Europe
--DK Russia, Poland, Finland
--DL Northern Europe
--DP Spain, Portugal
--DR Balkans, Turkey
--DS Asia
--DS84-300 Middle East
--DS316-399 Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan
--DS400 India, Sri Lanka, Nepal
--DS500 SE China, Laos, Vietnam
--DS600 Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
--DS706-796 China, Tibet, Mongolia

--DS800-900 Japan, Korea
--DT Africa
--DT275 Algeria
--DT304 Morocco
--DT409 Somalia
--DT450 Rwanda, Mozambique
---DT545-600 Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Chana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Zaire
--DT700-3000 South Africa
--DU Oceania
--DU80-398 Australia
--DU400-430 New Zealand
--DU600 Hawaii
--DX Romanies (Gypsies)
--G Geography, Atlases
--JL Political science - British Americas, Latin America
--JN Political science - Europe
--JQ Political science - Asia, Africa
--JV International relations
--JX World peace 

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Search CCLibrary Catalog MnPals
for books such as:

--BX9418.P344 John Calvin,Parker
--DA332.E74 Great Harry, Erickson
--DA345.S55 Edward VI, Skidmore
--DA447.P7 Samuel Pepys, Tomalin
--DA562.A63 Lion and the unicorn : Gladstone vs Disraeli, Aldous
--DK131.M38  Peter the Great, Massie
--DK254.R3 Life & times of Grigorii Rasputin, Jonge
--F1232.S232 Santa Anna of Mexico, Fowler
--HX39.5.M26  Karl Marx, McLellan
--N7113.G68 Goya : man among kings, Hull
--ND553.F7 Fragonard, Thuillier
--PQ2063.S3 At home with the Marquis de Sade, Gray
--PR3533B6 Life of Johnson, Boswell
--PR4581.M3 Dickens of London, Mankowitz
--QB225.S64 Longitude, Sobol
--QH31.M45 Gregor Mendel: planting the seeds of genetics, Mawer
--Ebk Boehme an intellectual biography, Weeks
--Ebk Samuel Johnson, Hart
--Ebk Women mystics... Marie de l’Incarnation
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