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Reference Sources:

--Ref QB16.R84 2005 Ancient astronomy:
         Ency of cosmologies - Ruggles
--Ref DG209.C664 Hist atlas of ancient Rome

--Ref  DE59 .C55 1988    Civilization...ancient Mediterranean:
         Greece & Rome (includes Byzantium) 
--Ref DS57 .C55 1995    Civilizations of the ancient Near East
--Ref CB351 .D24 Dictionary of medieval civilization
--Ref G1030.T54   Times Atlas of World History (timelines of world)
--Ref G1033 .S28    Penguin historical atlas of ancient Rome 
--Ref G2001.S1 M6   Penguin historical atlas of ancient Greece
--Ref GN370.A85 Atlas of Human Migration
--Audiovis CB68 .C55  Civilisation [videorecording]

Recommended Ancient History Websites:
--Ancient history links BUBL Info Service CDLR, U Strathclyde, Glasgow.
--Best of History Tom Daccord, Ctr for Teaching Hist w/ Tech
--Digital Egypt for Univ  U College London /Petrie Museum  Egyptian Archaeology
Digital Scriptorium Bancroft Lib, UC, Berkeley
-Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World Fdn of the Hellenic World
--Internet Ancient history sourcebook Fordham University
--HISTOS: Electronic journal of ancient historiography,Univ. of Durham
--Internet Medieval sourcebook Fordham University
--The ORB Online Reference Book for Medieval studies
--Perseus Digital Library   Gregory Crane ed. Tufts Univ,  Greek Lit online
--Theban Mapping Project Kent Weeks American Univ. in Cairo project

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--E-book  African unconscious roots of ancient mystic Bynum
--E-book  Byzantium in the 7th century transformation of a culture- Haldon
Moral codes & social structure in ancient Greece
--E-book  Mesoamerica's ancient cities: Pre-Columbian ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras
--E-book  Women in the ancient world: the Arethusa
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Books on Ancient History Located in CCLibrary

--BS1180 .P82 1958 Ancient Near East
--CB53.D85 v.1 Our Oriental heritage
--CB53.D85 v.2  Life of Greece-Durant
--CB53.D85 v.3 Caesar & Christ - Durant
--CB59.H65  Light of the Past
--CB59.M29 History of Western Civilization - McNeill
--CB245.U64 v.3 Church in the Roman Empire
--CB245.U64 v.4  Medieval Europe
-- CB311.D25  First civilizations - Danie
--CB311.N3  Everyday life in ancient... Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece 
--CB355.D25 Life in a Medieval Barony
-- D52.G6  Greek historians - Godolphin
--D59 .D3 1912 Readings in ancient history- Davis
--D158.O4 The Crusades - Oldenbourg
--DA142.J57    Solving Stonehenge
--DE72.F61 Augustus Caesar's World
--DF77.C34  Ancient Greece: History of 7 Cities
-- DF77 .H34  Greek way- Hamilton
--DF78 .B6 Classical Greece- Bowra
--DF93.V36  Imagining Men: Masculinity...Ancient Greek

--DG225.C44 E44 Celt and Roman: the Celts of Italy - Ellis
--DG272 .H3  Imperial Rome- Hadas
--DG277.S7 T5 Twelve Caesars-   Suetonius Tranquillus
--DG77 .B73  World of late antiquity, AD 150-750 - Brown 
--DR2185.R34  Macedonia & the Macedonians 
--DS62.2 .F56   Archaeological history of ancient Middle East - Finegan
--DS69.5 .K67 Cradle of civilization- Kramer

-- DS73.1.P65 Ancient Mesopotamia: Eden that never was - Pollack
--DS117 .G894 1984     History of ancient Israel - Grant 
--DS247.Y4 P5 1955    Qataban and Sheba... Biblical spice routes
--DS247.Y43 G37  Caravan Kingdoms: Yemen ...Ancient Incense Routes
--DS275 .F7  Heritage of Persia - Frye
.K375  The Persians
--DS754 .H74  China: ancient culture, modern land
--DS451.A87  India, the ancient past...7000BC to 1200AD
--DT60 .C38 Ancient Egypt - Casson
--DT61 .C4613 Egypt in the age of Cleopatra- Chauveau
--E78.E2 M55  Moundbuilders
--F1219.76.C35 A98     Aztec Calendar Stone

G370.P9 B37 Marco Polo : from Venice to Xanadu
--HT111.C74  Great Cities in History
--HT148.88 .C6713  History of Africa...Cities South of the Sahara
--N5300 .B48 Mirror of the World:  History of Art
--N5340 .W55 1996    Art of the ancient Mediterranean world - Wilson
--N5340 .F72  Art of the ancient...Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, Greece, Rome  
--N5350.R88  Temples & Tombs... Egyptian Art
-N5970 .M24 Pageant of mediaeval art and life- McLanathan
--NA210.L57 Ancient architecture -    Lloyd  
-- NK7106.4.T45 A53  Ancient gold: the wealth of the Thracians
--P211.C66  Reading the past...deciphering ancient languages 
--PJ1063 .W5 1972   Thousands of for ancient Egypt
--QB16 .A88 1997   Stairways...Skywatching in 3 ancient cultures

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Greece--Kings and rulers--Biography
Byzantine Empire--Civilization
Civilization, Islamic
Civilization, Medieval

Islamic Empire--History
Philosophy, Medieval
Middle Ages--History

Chivalry / Crusades / Feudalism
Holy Roman Empire
Hundred Years War
Great Britain--History--Medieval period
Great Britain--History--Wars of the Roses
Church History
 --Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600
 --Middle Ages--600-1500
Plague  (Black Death)