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NX  Arts in Society, Political
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American Art Review (print in lib)
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American Artist (ASP ft)
Art in America (print in lib & FT)
Core77 online industrial design magazine
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Star Tribune print in lib:  Select:  Freetime-Art 
Mpls/StPaul Mag  (print in lib)-Best of Weekend
Proquest National News * >>Adv search for back issues of Star Tribune, NYT, etc.

Reference Sources:

Artcyclopedia Canadian source for world art sources including museums, galleries & excerpts from Grove Dict. of Art
ArtLex Dictionary of Visual Art
 Ref  N33 .Q5 Artists' and illustrators' ency
 Ref  N8600 .A746 Artist's & graphic designer's market.
 Ref  N8600 .C49 Artist's resource: Watson-Guptill 
 Ref N6490 .C6567 Contemporary artists. 
 Ref N31.D5 1996 Dictionary of Art (Grove) 34v.
 Ref  N31 .E4833 Encyclopedia of world art 16v.
 Ref  N31 .E55 Encyclopedia of visual art 10v.
 Ref  N40 .I5 International dictionary of art & arti
 Ref NA40.M25  Macmillan ency of Architect 4v.
Artist Index (Webmuseum)

Minnesota Websources:

Frederick R.Weisman Art Museum
Frances Lee Jaques Art Center Aitkin, Mn 
Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minnesota State Arts Board 

Walker Art Center

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CC Art Archives

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-Prehistoric Art:
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-Antiquities (
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-Art History
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ArchDaily "world's most visited architecture".com
Archives of Amer Art  Smithsonian
 over 16million primary sources
Art Space  Art for sale...Select general topic
ArtsConnectEd Mpls MIA & Walker education resources >>Art Finder
Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Wallace Ctr  Rochester Inst Tech
Clay Art Web guide
Design Observer International design commercial site
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
George Grantham Bain Collection  news photos
Getty Pub Virtual Library Exhibition catalogs
Google Art Project 12,400 galleries in 40 countries
Himalayan Art 
Internet Art Gallery:
  Art for sale: 1300 gallery listings
IPL Internet Art pathfinder (searching suggestions not sources)
Illuminated Books: Digital Library
IMLS Digital Collections & Content Uof ILL, Urbana-Champaign

International Center of Photography   Search by topic
International Sculpture Center member-supported non-profit
Islamic Art Los Angeles Co. Museum of Art
Joseph Cornell: Navigating... Imagination
Peabody Essex Museum, MA
Kunstpedia Peter Balov et al, Netherlands
Guide to the museum in Paris
Timeline of Art History Metro Museum of Art
MoMA Museum of Modern Art  Select collections: Sculpture
Museum of Photographic Art.
SCA  (Not searchable by subject)
National Gallery of Art, London
National Gallery of Art
, US
>Search collection/ Enter term: .Nude >Search
NGO Images 20,000 Nat Gallery works
Natnl Museum of Women in the Arts
  No subject search:table of contents
Photo Study Collection  The Getty
Photographic Libraries 
Pre-Raphaelite Online Res Birmingham Mus UK  Comprehensive sculptors' resources
Shared Shelf Commons  ARTstor sponsored image archives
Smarthistory: Multimedia  Art &Art Hist
Smithsonian Amer Art Mus >Search collections\ enter Nude >Go >>Enlarge
Web Gallery of Art   AXA funded
Women Artists of the American West

!Women Art Revolution (!W.A.R.)
Stanford U
Women Photographers  UCR Museum. No Subj Search
Wonders: Images of Ancient World NYPL Digital Gallery

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