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Ref Q121 .M3 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia...Science & Tech

Ref QD5 .F33  FOF Dictionary of Chemistry

Ref  QD5 .M357 McGraw-Hill Dict of Chem

Ref QD65 .H3 CRC Handbook of Chemistry 

Ref QD37 .K34 Chemistry connections 

Ref RA1213.T76 Toxics A-Z

Ref RA1224 Poisons & Antidotes

Ref RA1229.D535 Ind Guide to Chem & Drug Safety

Ref RM216.N875 Nutrition...Prevention & Treatment

Ref RM258.5.N88 Nutraceuticals

Ref  RS51 .M4  Merck Index...Chemicals

Ref  RS75 .P5  Physicians' Desk Ref : PDR Drugs 

Ref SB951.W396 Agrochemical & Pesticide Safety Handbook

Ref TP200 .L49 1001 chemicals in everyday 

Ref TT153 .S88  Formulas, Methods, Tips,

Ref TX158 .H25   Haley's Hints : a Compilation

Ref TX349.E482 Encyclopedia of Foods

Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia Natl Park Service (Adobe Acrobat reqd)

NIST Chem WebBook
Nat Inst of Standards & Tech

Visual Elements Periodic Table Chemical Society

Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table Stephen Lower, Simon Fraser U, Vancouver

Academic Search Premier Index: * mags & jrnls: many FullText.  

Journal of chemical education. Print in lib

CINAHL* Nursing & Allied Health Index (chemicals & illness)

Directory of Open Access Journals 
Select Chemistry - Some fulltext  Search: chemical for previews: Print in Library

Proquest News  * all FullText 

--Americanelements: .com but good info
--ChemCollective Carnegie Mellon U
--ChemIDplus  NLM Dictionary of 370,000 chemicals

--ChemBioFinder Camb, MA Chem  >DBs few ft
--CHEMnetBaseChem sources from CRC Press
--Chemists' Net: European chemistry educators
--Environmental SCENE Chem & Eng News stories
--ChemSpider ChemZoo Inc.
--ECOTOX Midcontinent Ecol, Nat Health & Env Effect Research Lab, EPA
--Food Science Central International Food Info Serv
--Household Products DB NLM
--Intelihealth: Skin & Chemical Allergies
--Learn Chemistry Royal Soc of Chemistry
--Links for Chemists Univ. of Liverpool metasite
--Knowledge Door Open access for constants, conversion factors, equations
--Periodic Table Live! Chem Ed Digital Lib
--PubChem Nat Ctr for Biotech Info
--Tox Town  Nat Lib of Med:  Envir toxic substances
--Wellcome Library London Library: Hist...Medicine
--What's that Stuff? Chem & Eng News Journal 
--Wired Chemist  Franklin&Marshall Coll. Lancaster, Pa CTFA high quality commercial


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Library of Congress Locations

These titles or books near them on the shelf may help you get started on your research:

CC75 .L297 Traces of the past : unraveling...archaeology - Lambert

Q164.W5 Science experiments

QD35.C56 Joy of Chemistry

QD43.L57 Kitchen Chemistry

QD75.22.E47 Vanity, vitality, virility

QP87 .I83  Death to dust : what happens to dead bodies?

RA784.F64 Foods that harm, foods...heal

RA1213.G54 Small dose of toxicology: common chemicals

RA1242.C436 T48 Pandora's poison: chlorine

RB170 .S69 Every person's... antioxidants --Smythies

RC566 .D795 Drugs of abuse : chemistry

SF98.S65 Metabolic modifiers

TA403.2.A48 Stuff  - Amato

TP116.F46  Plastics - Fenichell

TP272.K45 Gunpowder - Kelly

TP548.M37 Concepts in wine chemistry

TP577.B34 Beer: Tap into - Bamforth

TX158 .P24 1995 Complete Household Chem - Palma

TX531 .C58 2001  Naturally dangerous - Collman

TX546 .T5513 2006 Molecular Gastronomy

Evaluating your sources: Since there is no overall editor on the internet, if you select a source using a general search engine like google or yahoo, it is up to you to evaluate the quality of the information you gather, using the basic criterion listed on guides like the START checklist (available in the library).  
General Google searches:  For graphics select IMAGES and search / To limit searches:  TOPIC +chemistry  / Government sites only: TOPIC

Documenting Sources:
Any time you use someone else's words or ideas, you must give credit to that source.  Assume that websites, like books or journal articles are copyright protected, so you may use no more than one image or 10% of the information from one site. 

Need help citing your sources?  Purdue Online Writing Lab,
Purdue Univ. provides a quick online overview

Student's Guide to Writing a Scientific Paper on Reserve at CCLibrary Circ Desk

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