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Reference Sources
--Agriculture Fact Book US Dept of Agriculture
--Bad Bug Book (Foodborne pathogens) USDA
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Agricultural wastes as fuel
Air pollution
Alternative fuel vehicle
Automobiles, Pollution control
Biomass energy
Buildings, energy conservation
Controlled fusion
Electric power plants
Energy consumption
Energy conservation
Energy industries
Energy policy
Environmental Protection Policy
Fossil fuel powerplants
Global warming
Greenhouse effect
Hazardous wastes
Nuclear energy or power
Ocean thermal power plants
Oil spills
Electric lines
Photovoltaic power
Renewable energy sources
Solar energy or heating
Solar power
Waste heat or products as fuel
Water/ Wind power
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HD9502 Energy issues
NA2542.3 Energy conservation design
QC791-QC900 Nuclear
QC912-QC981 Global Warming
T-TJ Alternative energy, solar
TJ820 -TK Wind energy
TL220 Electric cars
TL Alternative transportation
TN-TP360 Coal, biomass energy


Recommended Websites:
--AGI: Amer Geosciences Institute
--AirNow EPA
--Alternative Farming Systems Info Ctr USDA: sustainable
--Alternative Fuels Data Ctr  USDE
--American Wind Energy Assn
Promotional trade: Indus data.
--ATTRA: National sustainable Agric info serv
--Canyons, cultures & envir change: CO Plateau land use
--Catalogue of Life Species 2000 + ITaxonomic IS,
--Ctr for Biol Diversity  Profiles of plants, amphibians, fish
--Ctr for Intrntl Earth Science Info Ntwk CIESIN
--Ctr for Plant Conservation 36 botanical orgs
--ChemIDplus NLM Dictionary of 370,000 chem
--Climate Change (U.S. EPA)
--Climate Change: ... Global Warming / Spencer Weart AIP
--Climate Diagnostics Center   NOAA & CERES
--Cryosphere: Where the World is Frozen NSIDC UCo
--DOE Data Explorer
--Digital Lib for Earth Sys Ed Natnl Science Fdn
--EarthTrends: Environmental Info Ecological Internet, non-profit
--EJView US EPA mapping system for Environmental Justice
--Ency of Life EOLv2
--Endangered Species Program US Fish & Wildlife Service
--Energy in Brief US Energy Information Adm
--Energy Information Admin U.S. energy stats
--EnviroLink volunteer envirmntl news aggregator
--Environmental Contaminants Prog
US Fish & Wildlife
Environmental Hlth & Toxicology Info NLM
--Environmental Policy Collection Library Univ of N Texas
--Environmental SCENE Chem & Eng News Envir Repts
--Environmental Working Group EWG
--EROS Data Ctr: Earth Resources Observ Sys
--Farmland Information Ctr USDA Nat Res Conservation Service
--Freshwater Ecoregions of the World
--Geo-Guide Goettingen State & U Lib Germany
--Geologic Time Smithsonian Museum Natural History
--Geosource Utrecht Univ. Netherlands
--Global Change Master Directory   NASA
--Global Climate Change: Exploratorium

--Global Invasive Species DB Intl Union for Conservation of Nature
--Global Volcanism Program  Smithsonian Nat Hist
--Great Lakes Info Ntwk
Fed, state, provincial, local consortium
--Hunt Institute for Botanical Doc  Carnegie Mellon
--Hydrology Web
--iMAP Invasives  
(prev. Nature Conservancy Invasive Species site)
--International Atomic Energy Agency
--IUCN Red List of Threatened Species  Endangered lists
--Live Weather Images Brooks, Mark. NCSU Marinebio Conservation Society
--MetEd Coop COMET  
--NCDC: Climatic Extremes & Weather   Nat. Climatic Data
--National Invasive Species Inf Ctr USDA
--National Library of Energy  USDE
--National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL
--National Sea Grant Lib  NOAA Coastal Research
--Natnl Wild & Scenic Rivers
US BLM, Fish, Wildlife, Forest Service
--National Wildlife Health Ctr US Geol Survey
--Natural Resources Conservation Service
--Native Plant Information Network
--NOAA Ocean Explorer
NOAA PaleoGlobal Warming
--NWISWeb US Geol Survey Natl Water Info System
--Natl Ctr for Appropriate Tech
Local poverty reduction, sustainability
--Nuclear Energy Institute policies/ beneficial uses of nuclear energy
Planet Ark Australian non-profit
--Ocean World
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Jason Proj  TX A&M,
Official Stats/ U Auckland, NZ  Select: Energy, Env
--RealClimate International scientist-contributed forum
--Renewable Energy World
--Resources for the Future
--SARE Sustainable Agriculture Research & Ed USDA NIFA  U.S. Energy & Conservation
--Soil Science Society of America
--Stratospheric ozone NASA & NOAA
--N Atlas of the Oceans  Climate, ecology, tourism, etc
--UN Climate Change Portal  Intergov Panel on Climate Change
--US Fish & Wildlife Service
--USGS Energy
--U.S Geological Survey Library

--USGS National Geologic Map DB Index
--US Geospatial DBS
--US Global Change Research Program
--US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
--Virtual Cell Animation Collection NDSU
--Water: World Water Assessment Program UNESCO
--Water Resources of the US US Geol Survey

--Weeds Gone Wild: Alien Plant Invaders of Natural
--Wetlands: US EPA
--Wind & Sea: oceanic & atmospheric sciences
--Wind energy Danish Wind Industry Assn.
--World's Biomes
World Agroforestry Centre formerly ICResearch in Agroforestry
--World's Water  Pacific Is Inst /Dev, Environ & Security
--Worldwatch Inst.
--Xerces Society preserving invertebrates & pollinators

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