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Reference Sources in CCLibrary:
--Ref AY64  Time almanac
(employ/ population statistics)
Ref  AY67.N5 W7  World almanac  (employ, wage distribution / salary stats - Black/Hispanic only) *
American Indian law desk book
--Ref E76.2.E53  Ency of North American Indians 
--Ref E76.2 .N36 Native Amer..20th Cent (employ stats) *
--Ref  E77 .H59 1993 Native American almanac 
--Ref  E93.N32 2002  Native Americans
--Ref  E93 .T55 : Tiller's guide.. Indian country:
econ profiles  American Indian band assets *
--Ref E184.A1 A63448  American  immigrant cultures
--Ref  E184.A1 C47 2000 Civil rights in the US
--Ref E184.S75 H5572 Hispanic almanac
--Ref E184.S75 H557 1993  Hispanic Amer almanac
--eRef  Encyclopedia of African-American heritage
--Ref E185.96 .E87 1994 African America : portrait 
--Ref F615.A1 S73 1993 State of Diversity: MN
--Ref  F615.A1 T45  They Chose MN
(immig before 1980)
--Ref  G1046.E1 P7 Atlas of world cultures
--Ref G1201.E1 A4 We the people : atlas--diversity
--Ref  GN307 .E53 Encyclopedia of world cultures
--Ref HA202.A36 County & City Data Book
--Ref HA202 .S82 Statistical abstract of the U.S.
(Labor--Earnings (%at or below min. wage) Employed civilians (level of employ by group)
--Ref H35.E35 CQ Researcher
--Ref JV6465.E53 2010 Enc of Amer Immigration ( Salem History)
--National Indian Law Library Native Amer Rights Fund
--US Religions Landscape Survey Pew Fdn
--Yearbook of Immigration Statistics Click on Yearbook

Browse Books on Race & Diversity in CCLibrary: Scan other titles around them,.check table of contents & index for discrimination, employment, job, etc.) 
E59.G6 W43 Return of the Indian: conquest
 E184.A1 B495 2002 Beyond the color line
   E184.A1 B597 2003 Racism without racists
   E184.A1 S25  Race
& ethnicity in the United
   E184.H55 I begin my life all over (Hmong)
   E184.O6 M56  Asian Americans
   E185.86 .F68  Ensuring inequality
   E185.61.M57 As long as they don't move next
   E185.615 .C642 1998  Culture of intolerance 
   E185.615 .S48 Country of Strangers: Blacks
   E185.615 .S744  Turning back : retreat from rac
   F358.2.S75 C38 La causa : civil rights, social jus
  HF5823 .C5977  Provocateur: images--adver
    HT1523 .M43  Measuring racial discr
    HT1521 .E78 Understanding everyday racism 
    HT1523.M43 2004 Measuring racial discrimination
    HV640.5.I5 1995 From VietNam, Laos & Cambodia
   HV3004 .R36  Social construction of intellectual
    HV9950 .M55  Search
& destroy: African-Amer
    HV6791 .V558 2003 Violent crime : assessing race
    HV7936.R3 H65 2004 Color of guilt & innocence
    HV9950 .B86  Profiling & criminal justice
    KF4819 .J64 2003 "Huddled masses" myth
    LC1099.3.K84 Debunking middle-class myth
    RM222.2 .P67 1997  No fat chicks...big business
Search MnPALS for eBooks such as:*:   (>>url.)
eBk Ability profiling & school failure - Collins
eBk Black in blue - Bolton
eBk Capital punishment & Latino -  Urbina

eBk  Discrimination at work
eBk Good Cop, Bad Cop: Racial profiling - Heumann
eBk Labor mkt experiences...disabilities - Hotchkiss
eBk Muslim women in Amer - Haddad

eBk Race in the schoolyard - Lewis
eBk Racial & ethnic diversity: Asian,Black...
eBk Racism, gender identities & young - Connolly 
eBk Sex differences in labor markets - Neumark
eBk Sport & the color line
eBk Underground codes: Race - Russell-Brown
Current Online News Sources:
Asianweek (Asian & Asian American News) 
Korean-American Science & Technology News
IndianCountry American Indian News
Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Paul Pioneer Press

New York Times  
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Cultural Diversity Videos  
Audiovis  BF575.P9 Cosby on prejudice

  Audiovis E184.O6 D4  Diary: Asian Mn
  Audiovisual E185.93.M55 D4 Diary: Black Mn
  Audiovis PT9875.M5 E55 1994 Emigrants (Swedes to Minnesota)
  Audiovis F615.H56 F37 Farewell to freedom 
  Audiovis E184.S75 D4  Diary: Hispanic Mn
  Audiovis F612.M36 I76 Iron Range: a people's 
  Audiovis  JV6450 .J68 Journey to America 
  Audiovis E78.M7 D4  Diary: Native Amer Mn 
  Audiovis E184.M5 M428 Mexican Americans 
  Audiovis  PT9875.M5 N49  New land (Swedes to MN)

 Films on Demand* streaming videos: Select Advanced Search:  Enter your topic in Keyword  (on the top line) and  Search by >>Titles (at the bottom) to find full-length films on topics like Immigration.

Periodical Indexes: 
Business Source Premier  To Search for articles on job discrimination, select Advanced/ & enter
Discrimination in employment and Hispanic Americans (Subject).   For statistics, try: Statistics (AND) Minorities (or enter a  specific group: Statistics--Hispanic Americans)
Acad Search Premier Index
Search aspects of  discrimination not necessarily related to workforce. 
Psyc Journals * Native North Americans/ Discrimination/ Employment
American Indians / Education

Proquest News * Index & fullte
Regional Business News Index
Search Minn* & group

Recommended Cultural Diversity Websites: Library of Congress Subject Terms for searching MnPALS Library Catalog for books

--African American Mosaic: Library of Congress*
--Asian Nation: Landscape of Asian America
--Behind the Veil: ...African American life in Jim Crow South Duke Univ. Library
--Center for Immigration studies
--Duke Collection of Amer Indian Oral History
--ESLgold: English Study & Learning Materials
--Gay Peoples Union Collection UW digital collect
--Hmong Resources: ...WWW.Virtual Library
--History Channel Ellis Island
--Human Rights Watch (World)
--Immigration History Research Center  Uof MN
--Immigration Issues Noble Savage Media.. Winnebago Res Neb.
--Minority & Multicultural Health MN
--Migration Information Source
--National Indian Law Library  Native Am Rights
--National Tribal Justice Resource Center
--Office of Minority Health US Dept of Hlth & Human Srv
--Racial Profiling ACLU
--Racial Profiling Data Collection Northeastern U
--U.S. Human Rights Docs Uof MN
--U.S. Census Bureau Minority Links: --Cen 2000 news releases*

--We the People: Am Indians & Alaska natives / 2000 Census
--World Food Situation UN Food & Ag Org
--World Legal Information Inst. Free Legal info

 Ethnic groups:
 Arab Americans
 African Americans
 American Indians
 Asian Americans
 Cambodian Americans
 Chinese Americans
 Cuban Americans
 German Americans
 Hispanic Americans
 Hmong Americans
 Indians of North America
 Irish Americans
 Japanese Americans
 Jews (&) America
 Mexican Americans
 Native Americans
 Norwegian Americans
 Polish Americans
 Swedish Americans
 Age discrimination
Airlines--minority employment
Blacks (&)Employment
Culture conflict 
 Discrimination against overweight/disabilities
  Ethnic identity
  Ethnic relations
  Immigrants (&) Economic conditions
  Immigration (&)  emigrat*
  Mass Media (&) -Ethnic relations
           -Race Relations
  Mentally-ill --Employ*
  Migrant labor
  Minorities (&) Employment
  Minorities (&) Housing
  Minorities (&) Minnesota
  Race discrimination
 Race relations
United States
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