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Ref H35.E35 CQ Researcher.  Both sides of current issues (gathered for Congress). Cumulated index at the end of each volume.
--Ref  B41 .M38  Mautner - Dictionary of philosophy
--Ref BL31 .M23  MacGregor - Dictionary of religion and philosophy
--Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names

--Ref  QH332 .E52 Encyclopedia of bioethics
--Ref  BJ63 .E45 Encyclopedia of ethics
--eBk Oxford dictionary of philosophy*
--Ref B41 .E5  Encyclopedia of philosophy
--Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
--Open Humanities Press Free access Mich Univ/ ANVC

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Knowledge, Theory 

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Philosophy, Modern
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Philosophy, Nature
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--eBk Eight theories of ethics - Graham
--House & philosophy: Everybody lies PN1992.77.H63 H65
--On compromise & rotten compromises - Margalit BJ1431.M28
--Reading Plotinus --Corigan B693.Z7 C67
--Reason in philosophy - Brandom  B833.B65
--Simpsons & philosophy  B68.S55
--Starting w/ Descartes - Prado B1854.P733
--eBk Theory of ecological justice - Baxter
--eBk Torture debate in America
--What is this thing called ethics? - Bennett BJ1012.B455
--Why animal suffering matters - Linzey HV4708.L5644
--Why beliefs matter - Davies BL240.3.D38



 Recommended Websources:

American Philosophical Assn


ARDA Assoc of Religion Data Archives

BELL: Business Ethics Links Lib Amyas Merivale & Peter Millican

EServer Philosophy (Univ. of Washington)

Ethics Resource Center Ethical behavior research 

Ethics World Ethics news & analysis

Internet Sacred Text archive

Humbul Humanities ETANA Electronic Tools & Ancient Near East Archives

InfoMine academic source search engine

Islamic studies, Islam, Arabic & religion

Martin Luther King Jr. The Archive Ctr for Nonviolent Soc Change created by Peter Konieczny & Sandra Alvarez 2008

On Common Ground The Pluralism Project

Perseus Digital Library digitized primary sources 

PHILLWEBB  Richard L.W. Clarke

Torture Archive Wash U National Security Archive

USDA Animal Welfare Information Ctr

Voice of the Shuttle,  UCA English Dept.

US Religion Landscape Survey Pew Foundation

The WINDOW Philosophy on the Internet 


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Philosophy of Science (ASP FT)

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   Philosophy of Science   Q175/QH102

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