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Alcohol Research & Health  ASP ft & prnt in lib
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Critical Reviews in Food Sci & Nutrition  ASP ft
Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism  ASP ft
Environmental Nutrition *  ASP ft
Harvard Women's Health *  ASP ft
Internatl Journal of  Obesity  ASP ft
Journal of Drug Issues
Jof the Am Dietetic Assn
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JOPERD: J of Physical Educ, Rec & Dance print in lib
Nutrition Reviews*  ASP ft
Nutrition & Dietetics*  ASP ft
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Obesity Reviews   ASP ft
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BF575 Psychological health
BF697 Body Image
HD9135 Tobacco use
HV5745 Smoking prevention
HF5589.5 Drugs in the workplace
HV5822 Drug legalization
QP751 - QP801 Fats/Vitamins/Caffeine
QT255 Physical fitness
R733 Alternative medicine: Nutrition
RA566 Environmental health
RA643 Communicable diseases
RA645 Diabetes
RA776 Emotions & health
RA781 Cardiovascular
RA781 - 784 Exercise & Nutrition
RA967 Gardens & health
RA1258 Food allergies
RC104 - 406 Holistic health
RC280 Cancer
RC388 Brain disorders / Stroke
RC552 Eating disorders
RC564 Substance abuse
RC564.27 Diet therapy
RC567 Tobacco --Health issues
RC568 Addiction
RC620 - 627 Food additives
RJ506 Eating disorders
RM184 Accupuncture
RM222.2 Fat
RM 332 - 666 Drugs: Marijuana / Psychotropic
SF98 Food additives / Agriculture
TP248 Food biotechnology
TX341 - 571 Nutrition technology



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Recommended Health Sources
--ChooseMyPlate  guidelines replacing USDA food pyramid
--ACTUP Oral History Project (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power)
--Center for Disease Control & Prevention
CDC - Food Safety Ctrs for Disease Control & Prevention
--CDC Nat Inst for Occup Safety & Health

Center for Medical Consumers
--DailyMed Nat Lib of Medicine drug information
--Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010  USDA
--DrugDigest  ESI Pharm Benefit Mgr's Consumer Health & Drug Info
--Environmental Health & Med Education CDC
--Fedstats Gov doc statistics
--Food & Nutrition Information Ctr FNIC USDA Nat Ag Lib
--Food Safety & Inspection Service USDA
|--Genetics Home Reference Nat Lib of Med genetics
--Global Health Observatory World Health Org portal to country stats
--Global healthfacts Kaiser Fdn world health stats Physician established source
--Healthfinder  USDHHS Disease Prevent & Health Promotion
--Healthweb Comm. Inst Coop non-commercial Alternative health
--HubMed: PubMed Rewired
--Influenza Ency Amer Influenza Epidemic 1918-1919
--InteliHealth  Johns Hopkins Med Ctr
--Internatl Bibliographic Info on Dietary Suppl NIH
--MedlinePlus Nat Lib of Med  >Consumer Health Topics
--Infofacts: Methamphetamine NIDA
--Kaiser Family Fdn 50 states health data, Health Reform Site (ACA review)
--MedNar Deep Web Technologies deep web searching commercial dbs
--National Ctr for Complementary & Alternative Medicine
--National Center for Health Statistics >> List
--National Center for PTSD Veterans Affairs Office
--Nutrition Evidence Lib USDA
--NY Online Access to Health
--Office of Dietary Supplements NIH
--PDRHealth Info on diseases, staying healthy, etc.
--Public Health Genomics CDC's Office of Pub Hlth Genomics|
--PubMed Health Nat Ctr for Biotechnology Info
--Resources for Health Care Providers Nat Ctr for Complementary & Alternative Med
--SkinCancerNet Amer. Acad. of Dermatology
--Smoking & Health Resource Library
--Substance Abuse & Mental Hlth publications free materials
--ToxRefDB Us Environmental Protection Agency
--USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory US Dept of Ag
--Vegetarian Nutrition Amer Dietetic Assn

--Women's Health Policy H.J. Kaiser Family Fdn
--World Health Statistics World Health Org. 2011
--Your Food Env Atlas US Dept of Ag
Alternative health care
Anabolic steroids
Body image
Brain--Drug effects
Cancer --Breast, etc. 
Crack / Cocaine 
Diet therapy
Dietary supplements
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Emotional health
Food additives
Food allergy
Food  biotechnology
Food toxicity

Gambling -- Health
Holistic health
Nutritive value
Obesity in children /
Physical fitness
Pilates method
Protein diet
Smoking -- Health
Substance abuse
Vitamins / Minerals
Weight loss -- Health  risks
Reference Sources:
--Bad Bug Book USDA Foodborne pathogens
Ref RC71.A14 Current Medical Diagnosis
Ref HV5804 Ency of Drugs & Alcohol 
Ref HV5017 Ency of Understanding Alcohol 
Ref R551  Merck (Drug) Index 
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Ref RM217.2.M66 Nutritional Care
Ref RT65.P69 Professional Guide to Diseases
Ref RM216.P778  Preventive Nutrition
Ref RA776.W436 Wellness Encyclo
Medline Plus Medical Ency
PubMed Central

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