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eRef Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology
RefBF31.E52  Encyclopedia of Psychology 4v
Ref BF31 .C66  Companion encyclopedia of psychology
Ref BF31 .E52 2000 Encyclopedia of psychology
RefBF318.E53  Ency of Learning & Memory
RefBF431.E59  Ency of Human Intelligence
RefHQ16.E52 2007 Ency of Sex & Gender
Ref HQ767.84.C55 The Child: Encyclopedic companion
Ref HQ784.M3 E53 Ency of Children, Adolescents & the Media

Ref HV5822.H25 S74  Psychedelics encyclopedia
RefR130.5.W67  World of Health
RefR733.A484  Alternative Medicine
Ref R733.N38 Ency of Complementary & Alternative Med
RefRA427.8.H36  Handbook of Health Promotion
RefRA776.W436  Wellness Encyclopedia
RefRA790.5.E53  Encyclopedia of Mental Health 3v.
RefRA1122.5.C49  Child Maltreatment
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RefRC552.E18 C37  Ency of Obesity & Eating Disorders
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Library of Congress Subject Headings: help narrow or broaden topic in MnPALS Library Catalog:
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Abused children--Mental health
Adolescent psychology
Advertising--Psychological aspects
Aging--Psychological aspects
Alternative medicine
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Behavior, Addictive--psychology
Body image
Cognitive therapy
Child Abuse--psychology
Child development
Child psychology
Children of alcoholics
Drug abuse
Eating disorders (Bulimia/ Anorexia Nervosa)
Exercise therapy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Gender identity
Husband abuse
Juvenile Delinquency
Marital Therapy
Mass media and teenagers
Massage therapy
Mental illness
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)
Narcotic addicts
Obesity (children/adolescents)
Older people
Overweight children
Parent-Child Relations
Psychology, Pathological
Psychology, Religious
Psychotherapy--infancy & childhood
Psychotropic Drugs
Self esteem
Sex differences
Sibling Relations
Social Adjustment
Spouse Abuse
Stress disorders, Post-traumatic
Substance abuse--Treatment
Library of Congress book locations:  Browse for:
BF109- 145  Psychology, general
BF181  Behavioral change
BF275  Massage therapy
BF448  Cognitive therapy
BF575 Psychological health (Grief, Anger, Art therapy)
BF697 Body image--Psychological
BF721 Child development
BF724 Adolescent dev

BF724.55 Aging--Psych aspects
BL624  Spiritual Life
HF5822  Advertising--Psychological aspects
HQ796  Adolescent psych
HQ799  Adolescents & Media
HQ1064  Aging
HV5006  Alcoholism treatment
HV5132  Children of alcoholics
N 70-72  Art psychology
QP301  Exercise psychology
RA781  Qi Gong (Exercise therapy)
RA776 Emotions & health
RA967 Gardens & health
RC454 Abnormal psych (Pathological)
RC489  Cognitive therapy
RC552 Self-mutilation/Eating disorders/Soc Phobias
RC553  Autism
RC458  Social Psych
RC489  Psychotherapy
RC564  Behavior, Addictive (Substance abuse)
RG629  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
RJ506  Depression, Adolescence
RJ507  Child abuse

RM332  Antidepressants
RT120  Holistic health
Reviewed Websites:
AoA Aging Census Statistics
Aging Stats .Gov
Aging World gov doc
AmoebaWeb: Psychology on the Web  VanguardU, CA
Census Brief:: Disabilities gov doc
Child Development Inst
National Institute of Mental Health
Personality Project
from Northwestern U
Psych Central: Mental Health, Dr. John Grohol Clinical Psychologist
Psych Scholar J. Krantz, Hanover College, IN
Social Psych Network from Wesleyan Univ
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin
We the People: Aging in the US
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The APA Guide is also available in print at Ref BF76.7 .H68 2009

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