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 Marriage & Family:
(Also Aging, Death & Dying)

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-American J of Family Therapy ASP ft
Child Development prnt in lib/ ASP ft
--Jrnl of Adult Development   ASP ft

--J of Social Issues ASP  ft 

 General Sociology:
-American Journal Soc  prnt in lib & ASP ft
-Australian J Soc Issues ASP ft
-Canadian Review of Sociology & Anthrop  ASP ft
-J of American Culture ASP ft

-J of Leisure Research   ASP ft
-J of Sex Research  ASP ft
-J of  Social Issues  ASP ft

-J of gerontology print in lib & ASP ft
-J of
Third World Studies print in lib  & ASP ft
-Social Forces  ASP ft
-Social Policy  ASP ft
-Social Research  ASP ft

-SOJOURN:Social Issues SE Asia ASP ft
-Ref D860.W64 World Conflicts
-Ref E93.N32 Native Americans

-Ref GN307.E525 Ency of Social & Cultural Anthropology
-Ref GN307.E53 Ency of World Cultures
-Ref H40.A2 I5   Interntl Ency of Social Sciences
-Ref HB884.S72  State of world popula
--Ref HC59.A169 World econ & social
-Ref HD72.H852  Human Development Rept
-Ref HM17.E5 4v.
 Encyclopedia of Sociology 
-Ref HN17.5.U46 Rept on world social

-Ref HQ9.E52 
Ency of Marr &  Family
-Ref HQ9.H846 Human Sexuality Ency 
-Ref HQ1061.E53
 Ency of Aging  
-Ref HT851.M24  Ency of World Slavery
-Ref JC571.L2747 Ency Human Rights
-OFFSTATS Official Stats UAuckland,
-Ref K644.R54 Rights of Women
-eHRAF World Cultures Human Relations Area Files
-Proquest News* fulltext newspaper db
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for titles like these:

E98.E85 N38  Native voices: American Indian identity
E98.P86 B84 2001 Immigration .. political econ
E184.A1 D64 Documents of American prejudice
E184.M45 S45 Amish ways - Seitz
GE199.D84 2003 Green agenda in American
HC110.P6 S48 Working poor: invisible
HC130.I55 H55 Latin America on its path into
HD58.6.B33 2003 Women don't ask - Babcock
HD4904.25.W725 2004 Work-family challenges
HF1418.5.G65 Limits of the global village
HF5387.C334 2004 Cheating culture - Callahan
HF5415.33.U6 S36 Born to buy: commercialized
HN90.S6 A75 2003 How class works - Aronowitz
HQ536.W35 2003 Two-income trap - Warren
HQ801.M236 2003 Mate selection across cultures
HQ1061.L472 Aging with attitude
HQ1147.I8 S58 Women in Medieval Italian society
HQ1237.5.U6 V36 Gender responsible leadership
HQ1438.M6 S82 Status of women in MN
HT167.H29 2001 Community by design - Hall
HT334.L29 M436 Mega-city in Latin America
HT384.M62 M483 Urban leviathan: Mexico City
HX39.5. R54 Marx for beginners
JV6483.N49 Impossible subjects: illegal aliens
LC1099.3.K84 2002 Debunking / middle class myth
R726.B329 Ending life: Ethics & the way we die
RA644.S17 N49 2003 New global trends - Koh
RJ249.B43 When treatment fails: ...dying
eBook Communications policy*
eBook Emerging market democracies: E Asia Latin*
eBook Forgotten tribes: unrecognized Indians*
eBook Human development & the environment*
eBook Nature & nurture: Complex interplay*
eBook NEON: Addressing the nation's environmental*
eBook Setting global guidelines*
eBook Theories of international cooperation*
eBook United by faith*

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Recommended Sociology Websites:
--Africa Resource Center
--Child Care & Early Ed Research Connections

--Child Welfare Info  Gateway
abuse/ neglect /adoption
--Children's Defense Fund
-- Geospatial One-stop
Global statistics commercial site J van der Heyden
HJ Kaiser Fdn world health statistics
-Human Mortality  UC Berkeley & MPDR Germany
--Indigenous Studies:
WWW Virtual Library
--Int. Ctr. for Research on Women INASP, WHO,
UK Social Sciences sources
--Middle East Studies
--NGO Database Duke U Library, C. Galli
--National Institute on Aging Natl Institute of Health
--Peace Corps Digital Lib 1961 to the present
--Pew Internet & Amer Life Project Pew Res  Ctr
--Sexual Violence Prevention Program MDH

--Sociological Tour through Cyberspace Trinity U, TX
-- SocioSite: Social Sci Data Archives >> UAmsterdam 
--Worldometers: Real Time World Stats Dadax
--Zero to Three
Nonprofit for improving... lives...children