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 Marriage & Family:
(Also Aging, Death & Dying)

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Families in Society  PJ ft
-Family Process PJ ft

J of Comparative Family Studies PJ
-J of Family & Economic Issues  PJ ft
-J of Family Studies  PJ ft
-J of Family Violence  PJ ft
-J of Marital & Family Therapy  PJ ft
-J of Marriage &Family  PJ ft
-Social Forces  PJ ft
-Social Problems  PJ ft
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-American J of Family Therapy ASP ft
Child Development prnt in lib/ ASP ft
--Jrnl of Adult Development   ASP ft

--J of Social Issues ASP  ft 
  General Sociology:
-American Journal Soc  prnt in lib & ASP ft
-Amer Sociological Review PJ ft
-Annual Review of Soc*  PJ ft
-Australian J Social Issues  ASP ft
-Canadian Review of Sociology & Anthrop  ASP ft
-Clinical Social Work  PJ ft
-Health & Social Work  PJ ft
-J of American Culture ASP ft
-J of Comparative Ethnography  PJ ft

-J of Leisure Research   ASP ft
-J of Popular Culture PJ ft
-J of Sex Research  ASP ft
-J of  Social Issues  ASP ft

-Js of gerontology print in lib  ASP ft
-J of
Third World Studies print in lib  & ASP ft
-J of Urban Affairs PJ ft
-Social Forces  ASP ft
-Social Policy  ASP ft

-Social Psychology Qtrly  PJ ft
-Social Research  ASP ft

-Sociological Methods  PJ ft

-Sociology of Education  PJ ft

-SOJOURN:Social Issues SE Asia ASP
-Ref D860.W64 World Conflicts
-Ref E93.N32 Native Americans

-Ref GN307.E525 Ency of Social & Cultural Anthropology
-Ref GN307.E53 Ency of World Cultures
-Ref H40.A2 I5   Interntl Ency of Social Sciences
-Ref HB884.S72  State of world popula
--Ref HC59.A169 World econ & social
-Ref HD72.H852  Human Development Rept
-Ref HM17.E5 4v.
 Encyclopedia of Sociology 
-Ref HN17.5.U46 Rept on world social

-Ref HQ9.E52 
Ency of Marriage &  Family
-Ref HQ9.H846 Human Sexuality Ency 
-Ref HQ1061.E53
 Ency of Aging  
-Ref HT851.M24  Ency of World Slavery
-Ref JC571.L2747 Ency Human Rights
-OFFSTATS Official Stats U Auckland, NZ Lib
-Ref K644.R54 Rights of Women
-eHRAF World Cultures Human Relations Area Files
-Proquest News* fulltext newspaper db
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Browse bookshelves for titles like these:
E98.E85 N38  Native voices: American Indian identity
E98.P86 B84 2001 Immigration .. political econ
E184.A1 D64 Documents of American prejudice
E184.M45 S45 Amish ways - Seitz
GE199.D84 2003 Green agenda in American
HB887.L66 2004 Empty cradle: falling birthrates
HC110.P6 S48 Working poor: invisible
HC130.I55 H55 Latin America on its path into
HD58.6.B33 2003 Women don't ask - Babcock
HD4904.25.W725 2004 Work-family challenges
HF1418.5.G65 Limits of the global village
HF5387.C334 2004 Cheating culture - Callahan
HF5415.33.U6 S36 Born to buy: commercialized
HN90.S6 A75 2003 How class works - Aronowitz
HQ536.W35 2003 Two-income trap - Warren
HQ801.M236 2003 Mate selection across cultures
HQ1031.C65 2003 Romance on a global stage
HQ1061.L472 Aging with attitude
HQ1147.I8 S58 Women in Medieval Italian society
HQ1237.5.U6 V36 Gender responsible leadership
HQ1438.M6 S82 Status of women in MN
HT167.H29 2001 Community by design - Hall
HT334.L29 M436 Mega-city in Latin America
HT384.M62 M483 Urban leviathan: Mexico City
HX39.5. R54 Marx for beginners
JV6483.N49 Impossible subjects: illegal aliens
LC1099.3.K84 2002 Debunking / middle class myth
R726.B329 Ending life: Ethics & the way we die
RA644.S17 N49 2003 New global trends - Koh
RJ249.B43 When treatment fails: ...dying
eBook Communications policy*
eBook Emerging market democracies: E Asia Latin*
eBook Forgotten tribes: unrecognized Indians*
eBook Human development & the environment*
eBook Nature & nurture: Complex interplay*
eBook NEON: Addressing the nation's environmental*
eBook Setting global guidelines*
eBook Theories of international cooperation*
eBook United by faith*

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Recommended Sociology Websites:
--Africa Resource Center
--Child Care & Early Ed Research Connections

--Child Welfare Info  Gateway
abuse/ neglect /adoption
--Children's Defense Fund
-- Geospatial One-stop
Global statistics commercial site J van der Heyden
HJ Kaiser Fdn world health statistics
-Human Mortality  UC Berkeley & MPDR Germany
--Indigenous Studies:
WWW Virtual Library
--Int. Ctr. for Research on Women INASP, WHO,
UK Social Sciences sources
--Middle East Studies
--NGO Database Duke U Library, C. Galli
--National Institute on Aging Natl Institute of Health
--Peace Corps Digital Lib 1961 to the present
--Pew Internet & Amer Life Project Pew Res  Ctr
--Sexual Violence Prevention Program MDH

--Sociological Tour through Cyberspace Trinity U, TX
-- SocioSite: Social Sci Data Archives >> UAmsterdam 
--Worldometers: Real Time World Stats Dadax
--Zero to Three
Nonprofit for improving... lives...children