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Theater production
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BF637 Interpersonal/Nonverbal
BF723-4 Child-Parent Communication
BJ1535  Gossip
GT510-596  Costume
HF4386.5 Emotional intelligence
HF5548.8 Business Communication
HM132.5 Friendship
HQ734 Marriage Communication
ML200.7  MN musical theater
PA3131-6807  Greek drama
PN1530-1661  Playwriting
PN1851-2000 Mixed media
PN2000-2067  Theater production
PN2071 Improvisation
PN2080 Monologs
PN2189  Experimental theater
PN2287-2289 Actors
PN3151  Amateur theater
PN4121-4145  Oral Interpretation
PN6111-6121 Plays
PQ4155  Improvisation
PR1262-1272  Dramatists
PR2754-3091  Shakespeare
PS625-634  Plays--American
PS3545  American dramatists
PT World theater
Reference sources
--Ref  PN6112 .B45 Best plays
Biographical dictionary of actors, actresses V.1 (check catalog :V.2-16)
--Ref PN1655 .D77  Drury's Guide to best  plays 
--Ref PN1995.9.F54 F55 Film noir : an encyclopedic ref
--Ref PN1993.45 .H27 1996  Halliwell's film guide 
--Ref  GT580 .C33 Illustrated encyclopaedia of costume & fashion 1550-1920 
--Audiovis PN1995.9.R3 N46  Neorealismo fino al 1954
--Ref  PN2220 .B6 Oxford companion to American theatre
--Ref PN2074 .M39 1999  Theater artist's resource 
Video Resources
Audiovis  ML1711 .A44 American musical theater  
Audiovis  ML1711 .A64  Amer musical theater : 1970s
Audiovis  PN2091.E4 C67 Conducting light
Audiovis  PN2287.R53 A3 1994  Dudley Riggs
Audiovis PN2071.I5 I57  Intro creative drama/  improv
Audiovis PN2071.M6 M7 Movement for the actor
Audiovis BF637.N66 R43 Reading people: unwritten
Audiovis PN2226.S385 1999  Search/American voice 
Audiovis PN2075.W48  What's/ score: Text analysis
Audiovis  PQ2603.E378 E67 Waiting for Godot 

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Theater & Communication Periodicals : Recommended Communication Websites

--Center for NonVerbal Studies >Entries (loads slowly) 
--National Communication Assn.
International Listening Assn.
Communication & Theater Assn of MN

For  Interpersonal Communications:

Acad Search Premier Index *  Select: >>Advanced/ Enter Jrnl Title: Communication Monographs   >>So: Jrnl Name in dropdown menu/  >> Search   >>FT.

For Intro to Communications / Public Speaking:

Proquest News*:  Select:  >>Advanced / Enter News title: (StarTrib, St. Paul Pioneer Press, LA Times, Wash Post, NYT,  WSJ + international & local newspapers- ALL fulltext!)  >>Pub Title 2nd+ lines: Search terms

For Theater:

Search Person or Works  in 
Gale's Discovering Collection* for author or play information.
Acad Search Premier* for any of the titles below by selecting:
/ Enter Jrnl Title >>So: Jrnl Name in dropdown menu/>> Search.
American Theatre  ASP ft
ASP ft

Hemingway Review  ASP ft
Modern Language Quarterly  ASP ft
New York Times  (current issue) Select NY region/ Theater
New Yorker (print in lib) Check "Goings On About Town": Theatre)
 ASP ft
Theatre History Studies  ASP ft

TheatreForum  ASP ft
St. P Pioneer Press  (current) Select Local Events / Theater
Star Tribune (current)  Select Freetime/ Onstage
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Recommended Drama Websites
--All Movie Guide Search: movie, actor, dir., writer 
--American variety stage  Library of Congress Multimedia Anthology
--BFI Screenonline
Guide to Brit Film & TV History
--BUFVC Federated Search Environment Brit U Film & Video Council, U London

--Costume page How-to, where to find, & in-depth information
Didaskalia: ancient theater today
--Dramatists Play Service
--Learn Improv
--Internet Broadway DB League of Am Theatres & Producers source
--Inter-play: index to plays in collections, anthologies
--Metacritic film
O'  Eugene O'Neill Archive
Performing Arts in America NYPL & NEA
Playbill Online
--Silent Era Carl Bennett
TheatreCentral (Playbill Online's show listings) Theatre in Higher Ed, Voice & Speech Trainers Assoc.

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