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A starting point for exploring world relationships...not an exhaustive list.
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Country studies at:
D401.5  Somalia
  DB2238.7 Czech/Slovak Politics
  DR24-DR1313 Balkan, Slavic countries
  DS126-DS932 Iraq,India, Philippines, Korea...
  DT275-DT1264 Algeria, Zaire,Angola...
  F1758-F2258  Latin Amer: Caribbean, Cuba, Haiti...
  F2508-F3308 South Amer: Brazil,Colombia,..
DS559.62.U6 S62 Political upheaval
DT450.435.B38 Eyewitness to genocide
E184.A1 D64 Documents of American prejudice
E881.H34 War in a time of peace
E98.P86 B84 Immigration & political economy of home
E902.P65 2004 Politics of terror
F1415.R44 Regional mechanisms & international
F1488.3.M375 Revolutionary movements in Latin
GE199.D84 2003 Green agenda in American politics
HC59.S82 2004 State of the world

HC130.I55 H55 Latin America on its
HF1385.J67 2004 Who's afraid WTO?
HF1418.5.G65 Limits of the Global Village
HG3881.5.W57 G853 2003 Guide bank
HT334.L29 M436  Mega-city in Latin America

HV5840.C7 C44 2003 Bullet or the Bribe ..Colombia
HV6322.7.V35 Final Solutions: mass killing & genocide
HV6432.B456 Why we fight .. terrorism
HV8160.A2 H84 Political policing : US & Latin Amer

JK692.A94 2003 Career .. politics, government, activism
JL966.D4544 2001 Democracy in Latin Amer
JL966 .F38 Fault lines of democracy...Latin America
JQ1758.A91 D466 Democratization in the Middle
JV6483.N49 Impossible subjects: Illegal aliens
JZ5538.B85 Building sustainable peace
JZ5566.4.G58 2001 Global governance & the UN
JZ6010.C68 Conflict prevention: path to peace or
K3240.H8575 Human rights: internatl protection
KF9345.D45 Conflict prevention: path to peace or grand
QC981.G56 U53 Collapse .. Kyoto Protocol
RA644.S17 N49 2003 New global trends
RA450.5.H28 Health & health care in Latin Amer
TN870.G66 2004 Out of gas: end .. age of oil

World Politics Reference Sources:
-eHRAF World Cultures*
Ref D860.W64 2000  World Conflicts 
-Ref G63 .W67 Worldmark Ency/Nations
-Ref -G122.U56  World Factbook (CIA)
-Ref G1021.H59843  Collins Essential Atlas 
-Ref G1021.S57   State/ World Atlas
-Ref GE149.G481 Atlas/ Global Change

-OFFSTATS Official Stats/ U Auckland, NZ Lib
-Ref HB884.S72 State of World: Popula & Envir
-Ref HC59.A169 World Econ & Soc Survey
-Ref HD72.H852 2001 Human Development Rept
Ref HD4904.7.H85 Human development Rept: cultural
-Ref HN17.5.U46 Rept on World Social Situation  

-Ref JA51.S7 Statesman's Yearbk        
-Ref JF2011.W67 World Ency of Political Systems
-Ref JK421.A3 U.S. Gov Manual
-Ref JN1 .E85   Europa World Yearbk
-Ref K3240.4 .W46 Contemporary Issues: Human Rights
Ref K644.R54 Rights of Women
Ref K3240.4 .H847 Human Rights 
-Ref U150.D8 Trouble Spots: Wrld Atlas
Ref UB800.E53 Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War
World Investment Report (on Reserve at Circ  Desk)
World Urbanization Prospects (Res)

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eBk Economic growth in Latin America
eBk Emerging market democracies...E Asia & Latin Amer
eBk Setting global standards
eBk Theories of international cooperation
eBk UN states vs international laws
eBk What has happened to...quality of life... industrialized

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Journal of Politics
Journal of Southern African Studies (ASP FT)
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World Policy Journal
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Acid rain
AIDS (disease)*
Arms control
Biological weapons
Chemical weapons--Disposal

Child labor

Civil rights*
Cocaine industry*
Communicable diseases
Country Studies (online)
Developing countries--social
Drug traffic*
Economic conditions*
Ethnic relations--Political
Global warming
Hazardous wastes*
Human ecology
International  relations / economic / security
Narcotics, control of
Nuclear power
Pesticides --Environmental 
Political prisoners
Pollution--Health Overpopulation
Race relations*

Religion -- Politics
Social conflict--Relig#
Sustainable development
War crimes  
World conflict
Geographical regions:   
Central America —Politics
Latin America—Politics 
Middle East  
Balkan Peninsula
Arab-Israeli conflict
Developing countries--Politics
Specific countries 
Recommended Websites:
--Backgrounder Council on Foreign Relations - international affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
--Children of Conflict (BBC World Service)
--Center for Digital Democracy Jeff Chester et al

--Center for Strategic & International Studies
--China Vitae nonprofit who's who in Chinese politics. 
--Countries of the World Coutsoukis Factbk
--EarthExplorer  USGS

--Europa: Gateway to the European Union
--Flickr: The Commons Hist pictures, little description
--Food & Agriculture Organization of UN
--Forced Migration online Oxford U
--Foreign Policy Association
--GeoHive: Global statistics J. van der Heyden
--Global Distribution of Poverty
--Globalhealthfacts HJ Kaiser Fn wrld hlth stats

--Human U.S. Dept of State
--Human Rights Web Archive Columbia ULIS

--Index of Economic Freedom Heritage Fdn
--InfoNation UN Stat Yrbk & World Population
--Int Center for Research on Women INASP, WHO, UN
--International Criminal Court
--International data base (IDB) US Census
--International Monetary Fund

--Middle East Studies
--NationMaster  UN, WHO, World Bank, OECD, UNESCO, etc.
Population Reference Bureau  Datafinder
--Portals to the World Lib of Congress gateway
--Terrorism Project Center for Defense

--UN Links latest news sources
--United Nations  (Select Site Index)
--U.S. Dept of State

--U.S. Embassies
--World Health Organization UN
--WTO Stats DB
--Worldwide Governance Indicators World Bank Group
--Yale Center for Study of Globalization
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