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This is your main content area. This panel is the main area to edit and customize for your department/faculty website. Don't edit any other areas of this template.

Some tips:

- For multiple columns, simply add a table into this area. Make sure that the table you create has a 100% width set. This allows your page content to scale with browser windows within the template. Don't set table borders unless absolutely necessary though. It's standard practice to avoid borders with tables.

- Some quick keys for content editing/layout tips:

  • Ctrl + B = bold
  • Ctrl + i = italic
  • Ctrl + U = underline
  • Shift + Enter = Shifts to a new line but doesn't do a paragraph break
  • Enter = Full paragraph break (space in between lines)

- Fonts: All fonts will automatically default at Arial since this is the main font used throughout ARCC's new website. We strongly urge you to stick with Arial or Verdana for your faculty sites as well. This will help maintain consistency.

More about fonts:

To create heading text in SharePoint Designer, select your text > Go to the dropdowns above your top menu that say "Paragraph" , "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" , and "0.75em" > Select the arrow next to "Paragraph" and choose h1 - h6, depending on the size you want (h1 is the largest and h6 is the smallest). You can, then, change the colors of these headers like you normally would through (Format > Font).