Principles of Management BUS 2244-01

  Wednesdays, 1:30 - 5:00 PM,  Campus Center, D 208,  August 24 - December 14, 2005


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Class Date

Assignment, Handouts, Downloads...

Aug 24

Handouts for 8/24:   Decision Making   Memos  

Lecture Overheads  (for 8/24)

Assignment for 8/31  (next week)

Aug 31

Handout for 8/31:   Management Philosophies at Quad Graphics

Lecture Overheads  (for 8/31)

Assignment for 9/7  (next week)

Sep 7

Handouts for 9/7:   Notes on Diversity Videos   Realtor Code of Ethics

Lecture Overheads  (for 9/7)

Assignment for 9/14  (next week)

Sep 14

Lecture Overheads  (for 9/14)

Assignment for 9/21  (next week)   Article (to be read by 9/21)

                                                  - article was distributed in class

Sep 21

Lecture Overheads (for 9/21)

Assignment for 9/28  (next week) 

Handouts for 9/21:   Goal Setting      MBOs

handouts are preprinted and distributed in class

Sep 28

Lecture Overheads (for 9/28)

Assignment for 10/5  (next week) 

Oct 5

Lecture Overheads (for 10/5)

Assignment for 10/12  (next week) 

Oct 12

Lecture Overheads (for 10/12)

Assignment for 10/19  (next week)      Case  (for next week's homework assignment)

Oct 19

Lecture Overheads (for 10/19)    No assignment for next week.

Oct 26

Class for today is cancelled. Please complete assignment for next week.

Assignment for 11/2  (next week) 

Nov 2

Overheads: Lecture Overheads (for 11/2)  Effective Presentations (11/2)

Assignment for 11/9  (next week)  Handouts:  Group Presentation Guidelines    Tips for PPT

                                                  (Handouts are distributed in class.)

Nov 9

Lecture Overheads (for 11/9)

Assignment for 11/16  (next week)

Group 1 Presentation: John DeGray, Byrony Fraser, Joseph Minwegen, Charles Ross, Amy Spindler

Nov 16

Lecture Overheads (for 11/16)

Assignment for 11/23  (next week)

Group 2 Presentation: Andy Fliehr, Mallory Harcey, Michaela Minwegen, Shauna Simanton, John VonLange

Nov 23

Lecture Overheads (for 11/23)

Assignment for 11/30  (next week)

Class notes

Group 3 Presentation: Wendy Bastian, Joe Fowler, Amy Lindala, Bruce Spilman, Amanda Troy

Nov 30

Lecture Overheads (for 11/30)

No additional assignment for next week other than the final draft of Downsizing at the Dodge Clinic.

Group 4 Presentation: Nichole Benson, Derek Francis, Katie Klinsing, Brian Mundle

Dec 7

Assignment for 12/14: The final exam was distributed in class. Students who miss class must contact the instructor for a copy. Answers to the exam must be completed before the start of the 12/14 class.

Group 5 Presentation: David Biehl, Wendi Hartig, Casey Rothenberger, Eric Tolzmann

Dec 14

Final Exam


Important Dates

August 24

Class begins - textbook should be brought to class

September 3-5

College closed - holiday

October 20-23

No classes, college open for non-class services

November 11

College closed  - holiday

November 22

Last day to withdraw from classes

November 24-27

College closed - holiday

December 12-16

Book buy-back at campus bookstore

December 15

Last day of class (final exam)